Is That a Balloon in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Air Date:  August 20, 2017

Description:  Ever say something without knowing what it means? I used to, all the time.

I learned a lot of words from reading books, and a lot of phrases from watching tv shows and movies; which meant that I did not pronounce things right or use things in the right setting all the time, because I wasn’t really taught how they worked, I was just figuring it out on my own.  For example, for about five years I thought the word “touché” was pronounced “touchy“, ’cause I just read it, that’s how I thought it was. Um… Or, I couldn’t pronounce the proper, uh, pronunciation of “Depeche Mode” (the band). Yeah.  Didn’t know what that was, just knew that I liked the music of “Dee-peh-chee” Mode.  The worst two examples of this were, uh, after church one day, my dad said “see you later”, and I said “Not if I see you first.” ‘Cuz that always got a laugh on Seinfeld. Did not go well with my parent.  But was nearly as awkward as when, upon seeing a, uh, balloon animal sticking out of my step-mom’s jacket pocket, I said “Hey! Is that a balloon in your pocket, or as you just happy to see me?”

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